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Painted Meridian

Painted Meridian

Everything is the same shade of rose-colored,
rose-watered elastic, pink, pink flesh. I reached
deep into the caverns of the butterfly cave and pull
out torn-up ashed pieces of rose petal, pedaled.
It is pink, soft and brown pink, like the color of bare
back after sun, morning glow yellow. Pink, pink rose,
deep-watered, soiled, splashed rose, pinked up, perked
up after grocery green picnic, tied tight like a bow.
Knotted, double knotted, tied tight like a pink, pink bow.
Wavy-weird, dreamy, creamy pink and white, light pink,
the color of her flesh under clothes.

I want kisses like the underbelly of a kitten.
I want kisses like the red-
pink, puffed-pink of her lips; let me touch you there.
I read that the paw pads of a kitten are made
of the same pink stuff as his cold, wet nose. Everything
is the same taste of rose-colored rose water and I
have pressed her flesh to colorlessness.


The Leviathan

The Leviathan

Who dares open the doors of its mouth,
ringed about with fearsome teeth?
– Job 41:14

I know my words are not tender.
I know that for thousands of years past
my immortal reputation precedes me.
I was taught by the best:
devil, dragon, titan, whale. I spit poison, burning
the sharp black hairs grown of tentacle arms.
Strength resides in my neck, dismay goes before me.
In darkness, my millions of mutant heads are rigged
beneath the ocean bed, waiting
to slither out and steal fire from the sun.
Nothing on earth is equal –
I am a creature without fear.

Today, my mouth is gaped open
by her biggest blue morning glory eyes.
I do not know how it is that where most
see sharp fangs, bleeding gums
she sees God. I do not know
if that is what He is:

her gentle hands washing the bloody wounds of my war,
her merciful descant of forgiveness as a medicine for venom
her steady meditation on my prayer bead teeth,
her careful precision as she translates the dead language
inscribed on the inside of my cheeks

but if that
is what he is,
then baby,
let there be light.



As long as you stay
dancing about the house
still sleepy in your negligee,
sipping sweetly on espresso
to bring yourself to life,
keep whispering
“I want to wake myself
up with you,”

I will bring you there
to where
languid arms stretch toward
the sky, light peering
coyly through the blinds, leaving
softly, a kiss: 

There is more morning to be tasted,
be ready,
for the rain of the day
to spread honeyed life
across the earthy bottoms
of your bare feet

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail

Since I met you, let you climb aboard
the wagon to where I am going,
I have succumbed to illness.
I haven’t bothered to research dysentery,
nor have I the banknote to session
with a medic to diagnose my maladies.

I offered to locals my oxen,
dropped forty pounds from my load,
and sister Hester died of snakebite
hundreds of miles back
(you buried her and all your sympathy
in all the dry, dust earth)
in a town that would not bargain
wagon tongue for wagon wheel
with this poor carpenter;
We live on meager rations.

If we run out of bullets,
I hope, from our wagon deck,
we might watch the cattle, the swift geese,
the cajoling bunnies, and slowly sit,
scorning the road ahead.

We tried to ford the river, float
like beavers across the Mississippi,
but it seems we’ve been plagued,
all our oxen drowned.
Yellow-eyed and thirsty, we are stranded.
Still, I feel surely, I will live a life
of feverish joy with you.

First post!


I’d like to introduce you to some poetry I have been working on, and feeling, at least in some small way, rather proud of. Discovering my own voice among the bajillions of talented writers [an actual statistic] has been an incredible journey, and I hope only to continue to capture all of the shapeless, formless moments that instill in us contentment, joy, terror, fear, wonder, awe, and all the other unbelievable feelings and stories we gather every day.

I welcome sensitive and constructive kinds of feedback, and hope that you’ll let me into your world of creative thinking, too!

Enjoy, friends.